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Sticker Making

Screen Printing

The first idea of “Vi-jay Uncle”, was something very random at the start. I was just staring at my bed sheet, which I got from Jaipur and somehow the patterns and shapes added to this structure of a woman’s vagina. I rendered it more, according to my creativity and imagination to get that form.
I love songs and it has always been my go-to place whenever I’m feeling low. I have a playlist, which I named “sad boi hours”, a classic gen-z name. I made that sticker that shows out boldly and loudly, showcasing how much it means to me. I have always been the kind of person who is silent and introverted. it makes me more observant and aware of the things happening around me. the sticker of “ispy” depicts exactly that, leaning completely towards my personality. Grill cheese has always been my comfort food and it’s something that I always rely on, whether I’m happy or even when I’m not in the right space of mind. I resort to it a lot and so I created a sticker based on that.

Untitled-Artwork (31).jpg

SR Group

Logo Design

Artboard 1.png
Free Outdoor Square Logo Sign Mockup.png

Logo design for a client based in Pune. The client was looking for a simple yet impactful logo for his company.

Yellow and green were the colors provided by the client as they showcased luxury and trust.

Screenshot 2023-04-01 120444.png
Free Business Card on Textured Paper Mockup.png

Layout Design

Extra Posters

Double Poster PSD Mockup.png
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